Increasing Housing Density AND Retaining Neighborhood Character

Many families are already hosting other households, often extended family and friends, in their single-family homes. By ‘densifying’ through accessory dwelling units and smaller multi-family units, overcrowded families could spread out to their own leased or owned units close by.

Northeast Spokane homeowners are ready to explore ADUs.

  • 62% of homeowner respondents say they’d be interested in exploring adding an accessory dwelling unit (ADU or ‘backyard cottage’) on their lot for additional income and to provide more housing in neighborhoods
  • 76% of renter respondents say they would like to buy a house in Northeast Spokane
  • 95% of renter respondents would like to buy a house if they had Down Payment Assistance
  • There are many reasons why households want to stay in their neighborhood, including close to shopping, easy commute to work, and neighborhood schools
  • Renters have more people (and more kids) in their home with fewer bedrooms than homeowners

See the full survey results here.

62% of homeowners respondents are interested in adding an ADU to their property.
Over 90% of renter respondents said that they would consider buying a house with down payment assistance.
Renters in Northeast Spokane have fewer bedrooms per person.

If you are interested in exploring adding an ADU on your lot, please see this fact sheet for more information.


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