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Founded in 2015, The ZONE formed formed out of a desire to build upon past neighborhood planning efforts with a new, more collaborative approach known as collective impact. This dynamic initiative is housed at and staff is hired by the Northeast Community Center. Residents are actively engaged in designing programs and decision-making structures that reflect the diversity of people, neighborhoods, and schools.

As a partnership of residents and organizations in Northeast Spokane, we are committed to:

  • Building powerful and inclusive connections.

  • Opening doors of opportunity with families.

  • Creating an impact that lasts for generations.

Jene Ray | Director

Jene Ray

ZONE Director


Phone: 509.487.1603 x224

Tyana Kelley Headshot

Tyana Kelley

Communications & Marketing Manager


Phone: 509.487.1603 x222

Downloadable Logos

The logos in this section may be downloaded for your use. Please use the following guidelines when using our logos:

  • Use THE ZONE logo when you are partnering with us on a specific program sponsored by THE ZONE.
  • Use The Northeast Community Center ZONE logo when holding an event at NECC.
  • If you are unsure which logo you should use, please contact Tyana Kelley.
  • Ensure adequate space around the logo when placing it.
  • Do not place the logo over someone's face.
  • Never skew or warp the logo.
  • Never change the color(s) of the logo.
  • TAGLINE: You Belong Here

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Here are a few recent pieces where The ZONE has been featured, as well as recent publications and videos.

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