The Gathering ZONE: Connecting people and opportunities at the Hillyard Community Campus

Residents, agencies, and leaders came together as the new construction was being completed on the Hillyard Community Campus to create a plan that builds support and opportunity for everyone that gathers here. Our efforts and early successes are ensuring that preschoolers, families with school-aged children, seniors in the community…and you, are all welcome here.

Key Successes Achieved to Date:

  • Agency eligibility and capacity survey complete

  • User checklist for coordinated campus referrals developed

  • Campus Coordinator and Family Liaison both funded and hired

  • Career Sampler Series with local employers and SCC info Nights happening now

  • 8-week Essential Skills Class piloted

  • Old Hillyard Library building transferred to the City of Spokane, ARPA funding request submitted for building upgrades, and use of building for mental health services solidified

  • Traffic quieted on Cook Street


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